We have chosen, to make a website about our lovely broholmer Mjølner, who was born on 15. of february 2005.
Mjølner is our first broholmer, but definitely not the last, because we're already written down to a puppy. We also wanna kill the myth about dog and cats can't live together because we got a cat.

Our participation in broholmerskuet, when Mjølner was only a half year, resulted in us getting a very big interest for dog exhibitions.

On our website you can see and read more about Mjølner

Because of our excitement about the broholmer breed we therefore now has expanded our
family with a new member, Thor who we got home 1st of may 2009.
So in the future this website will be about both Mjølner and Thor, so all you who are
interested will be able to follow their everyday and their exhibition career

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