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Why a broholmer??

yes why? that i sometimes ask ourself about. He's big, strong and hard to give a bath, but when i see him lie there calm and quite on his pillow, i know.
Yes he's big, but lovely and sweet and yes he is strong, but never use it for anything bad and the thing with the bath we also get to work, the few times it's necessary.
When our earlier dog ( a Howavart), began to get old, we began looking around on the internet and read about different races. Here we felt over the broholmer. It looked like the race was made for us, what motion, temperament, fur etc. was like. We visited broholmer selskabet's website and read a little closer about the demands that needed to be fullfilled to be a broholmer owner, and found alot of exciting informations there. After we read on the website, we thought it could be exciting, to be a part of the work of getting a "old danish race" up on it's legs again. In the summer of 2003 we visited "Broholmerskuet" on Broholm gods, where there every year in august is being held a big "meeting" just for broholmer's. There were alot of broholmer's both big and small.
We also got to talk with alot of broholmer owners, who loved to share their knowledge and experience about the race.
On our trip home we had a good talk, and no one had any doubt. The broholmer was gonna be our next dog.

After 4 years with our broholmer, Mjølner we thought it was about time to expand our
family, we thought that Mjølner wouldn't mind some company.
We wanted a dog who we hopefully would get permission to breed on, because our Mjølner
haven't been approved for breeding (because of the mental description).
We contacted the owners of his half brother Buster, to hear when they expected some puppies
, because we wanted a dog from those genes after Mjølner's father.
After we had been written up for a puppy several times we finally got our puppy.
He's son of Freja and Buster and we went to Hvidovre 1st of may 2009 to take him home. And
we have been really lucky with him because such a cute puppy you gonna have to look a
looong time to find.